The ERIE (Every Rose Is Enchanting) syndrome is a rare disorder in which the patient feels as if they're experiencing everything they do for the very first time. The cause for this condition is at the time of writing unknown. It is believed to possibly have something to with trauma in early life, before memories are able to be properly formed.

Though this may sound unrelated to this wiki at first, think about it. Some of you have only seen hidden creatures once in your life. The first time you've experienced certain events or feelings.

For example, the first time you tried to blur your eyes on command. You may have seen a shape that couldn't possibly have been there, and wasn't there when you tried to do it again. Or maybe the first time you felt truly scared something was watching you, and you noticed a strange shape in the corner of your eyes.

The most noticeable ones are related to fear, though that doesn't need to play a role in it for you to experience a Glimpse.

ERIE syndrome allows you to experience everything everything as if you were for the first time, in effect giving you an ability that used to be known as Vision. ERIE, however, is a curse. Not just because it gives you Vision, but because your entire body reacts to everything, including touch, sight, hearing, smells, and even pain as it would the very first time. You're almost always in a constant state of shock, and in some cases it causes seizures that are potentially fatal.

There are rumors of a drug that allows your body to react as if you have ERIE, temporarily, but it's unconfirmed. Even if it were real, I would advise against using it as the potential dangers of having ERIE, and much larger dangers of having the Vision, even for a short amount of time are not worth whatever you'd need it for.